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Welcome to JANEL Electronics, Jan Piotrowski.

Thank you very much for the interest and trust. We will not disapoint you !

The company was established in 1982 and since then it is still in operation. At the beginning the main field of opperation was production of small mains trafos which were produced in thousands. Also services, such as assambling ferro - antenas for the Mining Electronics Works in Tychy, Poland, were provided.

Further development took place after 1991. The company started cooperation with Danish company INELCO a/s which specialized in production of electronic devices, car battery chargers, and space heaters.

At the beginning JANEL overtook the production of car battery chargers in plastic housing - the cheepest and most popular type on the market. Parallel the mounting of specialized electronic circuit boards for bigger efficiency battery chargers was introduced. This activity is still being kept and we are proud of the quality and reliability of our products !

The basic products are electronic circuit boards and trafos from 2VA to 300VA. We can offer the cooperation in any of that fields, especially in assemling drilled electronic circuit boards of different kinds.

       Janel Electronics
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       56-420 Bierutów
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